Hello there, I’m Michael Hirschberg.

I’m a designer of things


The key to creating great brands, products and experiences comes through understanding of the client and user needs, among other things. The crucial stages of concept development, research and planning are at the heart of any successful project. I take great care in ensuring all the necessary steps are taken to produce stellar results every time.


Problem solving isn’t always about sitting in a board room talking about the way things should be done. I have a strong background in design which allows me to think on my feet and act upon it. My unique skills & experience allow me to come up with creative solutions that form perfect harmonies between form and function while maintaining the highest levels of aesthetic standard.


It takes talent, knowledge, hard work, and dedication to make great ideas come to life. I’ve been helping make great ideas happen a long time and am not afraid of a challenge. New technologies get me excited and I love jumping right in and getting things done. I’m passionate for untangling problems and learning the lessons that unfold at each and every project.

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